News 23.01.2013
1 - Orange rain and pink boots
2 - Hanging i green rain wear
3 -  Hanging i blow-up straight jacket
4 - Hanging gaffemumie
5 - Green dog
6 - In green on the table
7 . Hanging i green hazmat
8 - Straight jacket on table
9 - Tied to a tree
10 - Tied to the ground
11 - On the floor in green hazmat
12 Green and single glove in the forrest
13 - Tied to the floor in green
14 In hazmat bag
15 Reverse hodds and rubber tubes
16 Green rain wear dog
17 Orange rain wear
18 Straight jacket and cat mask
19 Tied by the rubber guys
20 Orange on the table
Gear for sale
Sold gear
Old 19 - Jacob alone in rain wear
Old 29 - Latex
Old 30 - Rain wear
Old Jacob tied by men
Old Jacob tied up bymen 2
Pige-model søges
Jacob skal bindes
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Update!! 26 December 2014


Check out this link to new videos

More about this will follow very soon.






Gear for sale:

Many people have asked us, if we want to sell some of our gear that they can't buy where they live.



Here are a few gasmasks for sale. We sell them for 300 danish kroner/ 40 euro for one gasmask + shipping:

You can have a rubber hose and filter for free if you like.




This is a strange rubberized headbag. Great for breath control play and total rubber feeling.

It has a string so it can be tightened around the neck. 200 dkk/ 27 euro + shipping


Very very heavy new raingear from Northsea.

The thickest pvc we have ever seen in raingear: 700 g/m2  Oceans heaviest rainwear "classic" is 540 g/m2

If you like the feeling of really heavy raingear this is it. Jacket and pants are almost 4 kg total!!

785 dk/ 105 euro for one set of jacket and bib-pants + shipping


We also have a few sets in green:



Very cool used haz-mat suit.

Very smooth yellow pvc on the outside and thick black pvc on the inside. Smells like a dream when you are inside :)

Airtight heavy zipper down the side and black rubber gloves attached.

Boots and gasmask not included.

900 kr/120 euro for one suit + shipping






We have got our hands :-) on some special latex gloves. The latex on the hand is aprox. 1,5 mm thick and between the fingers 2 mm. Great for swimming, surfing and other water sports where you want extra speed. Also great for fetish play or parties. You get a bondage like feeling because your fingers are restricted in the heavy rubber.

We have size large in black and blue and some multi colored in medium. As you can see on the pictures me and Bunny can fit both sizes, but the multi colored are a bit small for big hands. Best for children, or men or women with smaller hands.

A pair of gloves is 100 danish kroner + shipping ( 13 euro/ 16 US $ / 10 UK £ + shipping)

Get a pair before we run out


Suit 3 Christian har dragten

Interesting 'Hestru' suit from Taiwan. 100 pvc, but the outside has more of a nylon look and feel  But check out it smooth inside. Great suit if you don't want to attract to much attention and look to shiny in public, but love to be nacked and feel the smooth pvc on the inside when you are outside. The size says medium and fits a person like Jacob great.

Price: 80 euro ( 600 dkr) + shipping



Suit 5

Very rare Rukka suit i medium size. Fits Jacob great. Interesting hood arrangement. The hood (made from thinner pvc) can be used or folded away in the collar. The pvc is nice and thick, but not completely smooth as you can see in some of the pictures. Still a nice rubbery feel though.

Price:  70 euro (500 dkr) + shipping



Suit 9

Motara thick and smooth pvc suit. Size medium.

Price: 110 euro (820 dkr) + shipping



Suit 10

One more of the very cool Rukka pvc suits Size 48. Again the size seems to be bigger then normal. Jacob is normally size 52. ( See top of this page for Jacobs measurements)

Price: 110 euro (820 dkr) + shipping