News 23.01.2013
1 - Orange rain and pink boots
2 - Hanging i green rain wear
3 -  Hanging i blow-up straight jacket
4 - Hanging gaffemumie
5 - Green dog
6 - In green on the table
7 . Hanging i green hazmat
8 - Straight jacket on table
9 - Tied to a tree
10 - Tied to the ground
11 - On the floor in green hazmat
12 Green and single glove in the forrest
13 - Tied to the floor in green
14 In hazmat bag
15 Reverse hodds and rubber tubes
16 Green rain wear dog
17 Orange rain wear
18 Straight jacket and cat mask
19 Tied by the rubber guys
20 Orange on the table
Gear for sale
Sold gear
Old 19 - Jacob alone in rain wear
Old 29 - Latex
Old 30 - Rain wear
Old Jacob tied by men
Old Jacob tied up bymen 2
Pige-model søges
Jacob skal bindes
Rubber bondage stories in danish
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Jacob alone in rain wear


When Bunny isn't around Jacob is often playing with himself.
He likes to strip and the wear 2 (or more) layers of rain wear, the first layer inside out.


Here is was really warm and sunny. The road is only about 10 meters behind him, and you can hear people talking close by. That is why he is hiding behind the 2 umbrellas. Jacob is testing 3 different plugs while playing in the rain wear and a lot of oil.



A nice one piece suit. We have quite a few of these, but we hate to cut holes in the expensive rain gear. However we tend not to use it at all them because it limits the sex you can have while wearing the clothes. Therefore we have decided to cut holes in some of the gear now. Here Jacob doesn't use oil to make the rain wear shine. It ruins most rubber and pvc gear if you don't wash is for along time right after use. Instead he uses silicone spray. It's just as good but costs a whole lot more.


Again a nice warm day


This is from last winter (You can tell by the big winter jacket). There is only about 30 meters to a really big road behied the trees in the back. Jacob was a bit scared ( but also excited) that someone should discover him. Many people are walking their dogs very close by.


Check out this blow up pvc cano. Jacob liked a lot and had to try it in rain wear of course! It's summer again and he is afraid the people on the beach to the left would se him.


Here are 3 video clips from our trip to thailand that Jacobs parents were so sweet to give us. Of course Jacob just had to sneak a bit of rain wear on the trip.


A bath tub in a really nice hotel in Bangkok. Jacob is playing in the water, and turning the wet rain wear inside out.


This is some thai rain wear he found in Bangkok. It is quite nice but not as thick as the scandinavian kind.

You might as well do something useful and wash your hair while your in rubber *S*


Back in the summer cottage. Here Jacob is having a really warm and sweaty time in latex and rain wear. This is recorded in a small boat


This day it was really raining hard. Jacob parked on a small road and changed to quite a few layers of rain wear and also waders. Notice the great 'feet' that are on one of the pants ( second picture)

Driving and playing at the same time. Back home he chats a bit on the internet before going to the bath room.

Why bother to get out of your clothes when you have to pee when your in rubber clothes anyway?


Jacob has found a perfect place for rubber play. It in the western part of Copenhagen right next to a really big road. But you are covered behind trees so its difficult to be spotted from the road


Is it possible to change to rubber and back again in the time it takes to go through the car wash? This car wash is the kind where you are dragged through while sitting in the car. It only takes about 7 minutes so you have to be really fast. First Jacob strips and put on 2 layers of rain wear

Then a quick 'wank' and out of the rubber fast before the ride is over

He just about manages it before the time is up.