Update 22/7-2007 - In the car wash

We love to have sex in rubber in the car wash. It's the kind where you sit inside the car a are pulled through a long machine. We only have about 10 minutes, so it has to go pretty fast, but it is great fun.

We are both in 2 layers of our new North sea raingear. These to sets are the last one still for sale


Bunny in green rain pants


A few older pictures:

The rainwear bag

2 layers of rubber rainwear and boots. Arms and legs are tied up with belts, rope and a single glove.

RUBBERBAG1.JPG (32160 byte)RUBBERBAG2.JPG (33559 byte)rubberbag3.JPG (29005 byte)rubberbag4.JPG (28721 byte)rubberbag5.JPG (28388 byte)rubberbag6.JPG (30143 byte)

Bunny pulls a rainwear bag over Jacobs head - but pulls it inside out so the rubber is on the inside.

RUBBERBAG7.JPG (35164 byte)rubberbag8.JPG (27456 byte)rubberbag9.JPG (28770 byte)rubberbag10.JPG (32033 byte)rubberbag11.JPG (29954 byte)rubberbag12.JPG (29649 byte)

Then she ties a rope around Jacobs neck and pulls up the rainwear hood just to be sure that no air can get in. This of course excites Jacob a lot as you can see *S*

rubberbag13.JPG (28563 byte)rubberbag14.JPG (35278 byte)rubberbag15.JPG (30052 byte)rubberbag16.JPG (32257 byte)rubberbag17.JPG (28324 byte)rubberbag18.JPG (31266 byte)


rubberbag19.JPG (46291 byte)


Pics from our holyday

Jacob tied up i a few layers of rainwear in our hotel in Amsterdam

dsc00003.jpg (34243 byte)dsc00004.jpg (33284 byte)dsc00005.jpg (33070 byte)

And here in Paris

dsc00033.jpg (35331 byte)dsc00034.jpg (33139 byte)dsc00036.jpg (36220 byte)dsc00039.jpg (39314 byte)dsc00041.jpg (36074 byte)dsc00042.jpg (35923 byte)