Jacob in yellow rainwear and strict metal bondage


6 days in the summer cottage

First day:

4 layers of rainwear as usual. Bunny is locking our new home made wooden bondage 'thing' on Jacobs arms and feet.

It is really tight and difficult to walk. Bunny is trying to cover the bondage with a cape but it is not long enough. However she finds a nice place to sit Jacob down and decides to add a ball gag.

For better access she changes the bondage and adds also a gasmask.



Next day it's still raining and again in several layers of rainwear Bunny wants to take Jacob for a walk tied up. A single glove harness and a ball gag is covered by a cape and a scarf.

Ready for a walk to the mini market and back.

Back in the house she decides to give Jacob a nice shower before making him first cum and then piss over himself before releasing him.



The third day Bunny wants to test some hand cuffs and the heavy green rubber bag. First a plug is locked into place using the lockable chasty harness. Many cuffs is added and the rubber bag is secured around Jacobs neck by a wide collar. Look how great the bag works when Jacob is trying to breath.



Bunny was so pleased with the rubber bag and cuff bondage and she did yesterday. Therefore she wants to try it again and add more metal gear to the fun. First Jacob is told to lock himself into the chasty belt with a plug secured deep inside. Then Bunny locks him into the home made steel harness and matching head harness. There is absolutely no way out of this kind of bondage.

Jacob is told to get down on a madras, but its not easy locked up in so much metal. Bunny wants to test how many hand cuffs she can lock Jacob into.

Leg cuffs are also added to the fun. Not much chance of escape today.

The rubber bag worked great the day before so why not use it again. It keeps Jacob from trying to run off somewhere ( as if he could )



The fifth day in the cottage. All the rainwear Bunny wants Jacob to wear today is nicely laid out, and Jacob knows it is going to be a long day in rubber and bondage. The chasty harness is great to wear for a whole day even when it's locked on with a plug.

Bunny wants to take Jacob for a walk on the beach and covers him with a cape again after locking several hand cuffs on his back.

Back at the house she wants to use the rubber bag again, but in a different way. She tightens a heavy leather harness over the bag for maximum breath control and adds some hand cuffs.

Don't try this at home kids!



The sixth and last day of the week in the summer cottage.
Bunny wants to try the metal harness again, but this time with Jacobs arms in front. To keep him quiet while she ties him up, she tells him to wear the double-layered blow-up red latex mask with no mouth hole.

When she is done, she adds a ball gag and a load of rubber bicycle tires. They make a complete thick rubber hood almost. To be sure the the whole thing is really tight she also tightens the head harness on top of the tires.

Bunny loves to keep Jacob tied up in rubber while walking on the beach, so after some time she changes his head gear and prepares him for the beach.


This is an older clips from the summer cottage
Bunny is reading in the background while Jacob is dressing up in the usual 2 layers of rubber before locking in the plug and harness. bunny has decided that Jacob should use the big plug today so he has quite a lot of trouble forcing it up before locking the chasty harness.

Many collars are added for later use before putting on a few more layers of rainwear. Jacobs hands in tied up in front and a metal bar with ropes is securing the elbows behind.

It's not possible to see all the bondage gear under the rubber clothes no better time for a walk in public. back in the house Bunny ties Jacob up using more rope and adding the thick latex mask.

The big blow-up butterfly gag is great to keep Jacob quiet. And latex tape covers his eyes.